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A new dream


80 x 80cm


Felipe Cardeña was born in Balaguer (Spain) in 1979. A "mysterious artist in Banksy style", as Corriere della Sera defined him, Felipe made his picaresque biography and the ambiguity that surrounds it into an artistic and performative operation .
After having dedicated himself for years to the activity of street mime all over the world, in 2005 he launched the "Power Flower" project: a wide series of colorful and overwhelming collages, with an eccentric and baroque effect, which touch on the themes of sacred, of the fantastic, of the different cultural identities, of the mixing of social structures and natural forms.
Today, his public and urban art actions are carried out by a crew of boys (the Felipe Cardeña Crew) who replicate, with his consent, the floral and colorful modules of his paintings with different techniques, from collage, to stencil, up to 'use of ethnic fabrics with the most disparate cultural references.
Cardeña has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world: the Venice Biennale, to which he is invited in three editions, China, New York, Milan, London, Cuba, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, Rio de Janeiro.
In 2012 he was invited by Gillo Dorfles to the exhibition Kitsch today in Milan, and Philippe Daverio curates his Poems of the end of the world exhibition in Rome. Vittorio Sgarbi wrote that Felipe "re-proposes the amateur technique of collage, pursuing a repetitive and obsessive iconography like the daily rosary of a cloistered nun", while Dorfles spoke, for his work, of an "elitist and conscious kitsch ".
In 2014 he created, with the boys of a favela, a major urban art intervention in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017, his crew proclaimed the Independence of the Republic of Cardeña. In 2018 he participates in the Alzheimer Fest, and on the occasion of Palermo City of Culture 2018, Cardeña exhibits Sicilian saints transformed into pop heroes on the streets of the city center.
In 2019, his character "Felipanda" becomes the mascot-symbol of an awareness campaign by WWF Italy. In 2020 he created with his crew a large urban installation in Milan at the Biblioteca degli Alberi park to give color and vitality to the city after the first lockdown.