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Milano, Italy

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32.1 x 20.4cm

180,00 €

Dal paesaggio solo il verde


126 x 60cm

2250,00 €



31.1 x 20.4cm

620,00 €

Atmosfere di paesaggio


69 x 80cm

1800,00 €

Thinking about the night


60 x 50cm

1350,00 €

Porzione di paesaggio giallo


65 x 80cm

1800,00 €

Federico Severino (Milan, 1990). In 2002 he moved to Catania. In 2013 he obtains a degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Restoration 'Abadir' (CT). After a residency period in Berlin, he returned to Catania and in September 2016 he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania with the degree Laurea di II livello in Painting. He participates in numerous awards. In 2011 he is a finalist in the National Arts Prize, Brera (MI). In 2014 he is a finalist and winner of the Nocivelli Prize, in the painting section.

In 2016 he exhibits at the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation in Catania on the occasion of Pre-Visioni II. Also in the same year, he took second place in the 2nd edition of the FAM Giovani Prize for Visual Arts (AG). In 2017 he is a finalist in the Combat Prize painting section.
In 2018 he exhibits at the literary café at the Palazzo della Cultura in Catania "(s/t + i/m) x generations" curated by Giuseppe Frazzetto. In July he is invited to the first edition of the Contemporary Art Festival "Venti Contemporanei" in Cereggio (RE). He is a finalist for the ContemporaneaMENTI Prize at the Fondazione L'Arsenale, Iseo (BS). He is a finalist for the Fondazione San Fedele award (MI).
He lives and works between Catania and Turin.

His is a search for new intimate visions of 'landscape'. Landscape understood as place and part of lived experience. In a first phase it is nature that inspires him. More recently another need has surfaced in his research, that of confronting urban landscapes. They, on the whole, are mental and experiential projections.
I paint images that gradually dissolve and lose their boundaries, become open spaces, contemplative environments. Large and small monochromatic surfaces mutate to become velvety fields of color through the use of oil pastel.



Moro Festival, curated by Ritmo Edition, Antico Mercato, Ortigia, (SR).

Haus der Kunst, cantieri culturali della Zisa, Palermo.

Art a Porter, Hus space project, Milan.

15xH At Hemningway, literary café, Modica.

Acinque, an archive of images and words for Sicily, curated by Giuseppe Mendolia Calella, oratory of San Mercurio, Palermo.


ContemporaneaMENTI, L'Arsenale foundation, Iseo (BS).

Artivisive San Fedele Prize, The City, curated by Andrea Dall'Asta SJ, Daniele Astrologo Abadal, Chiara Canali, Stefano Castelli, Matteo Galbiati, Chiara Gatti, Massimo Marchetti, Kevin McManus, Gabriele Salvaterra, Galleria San Fedele (MI):

Ritmo Edition, Ritmo independent cultural space, Catania.

Venti Contemporanei, KAMart, contemporary art festival, Cereggio, (RE).

(s/t + i/m) x generations, curated by Giuseppe Frazzetto, literary café, Palazzo della Cultura, Catania.

Word of Vulcan, Francesco Siracusa exhibition space, (AG).

Tenth anniversary of the Nocivelli Prize, Mo.Ca, Brescia.


Federico Severino_Close to the edge, curated by Gabriele Salvaterra, Quam, Scicli (RG).

Tecnica Mista_Dieci anni, QUAM/Tecnica Mista gallery, curated by A. Sarnari, Scicli (RG).

Combat Prize, Blob Art, Museo civico Giovanni Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli and Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno (LI).

Double Room #2, Federico Severino | Valerio Valino, curated by Virginia Glorioso, La Roue organization, XXS open to contemporary, Palermo (PA).

From landscape, color, Federico Severino | Valero Valino, Exhibition space of Francesco Siracusa, curated by F.Siracusa, Agrigento (AG).


FAM Youth Prize for the Visual Arts, 2nd edition, Association of Friends of 19th-century Sicilian Painting, Fabbriche Chiaramontane (AG).

AFAIK - as far as I know, Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Salvo Duro/Piero Dauber, Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.

Pre - Visions II - Emerging Artists, curated by Daniela Bigi and Ornella Fazzina, Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Catania.

Dimensions, curated by DELFARE and Rocco Giudice, Cloister - Palazzo Minoriti, Catania.


Fly-By, Piero Zuccaro, Quam / Mixed Technique, curated by Marco Meneguzzo, Scicli (RG).

Art Factory 05, Collective exhibition, Le Ciminiere Cultural Center_pad C1, Catania.

Velato Lavico, B personal _ Severino/Valino curated by Demetrio di Grado, ManSourcing, Caltagirone (CT).

MAW 10X10, Art that plays with the art system, curated by Valentina Colella, MAW space, Sulmona (ABR).

10×10 - Reductive group exhibition, Artistic space, Sarzana (SP).

11 x H '15, Hemingway Literary Café, Modica, (RG).

Informal Realism, Quam Gallery /Mixed Technique, curated by A. Sarnari, Scicli (RG).

Artists of Sicily -New Talent, Palazzo della Cultura, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Catania.


Nocivelli Prize, Church of Discipline, curated by Techne Cultural Association, Verolanuova (BS).

Arte al metro- anti-consequential generation, QUAM Gallery /Tecnica Mista, curated by A. Sarnari, Scicli (RG).

ContemporaneamenteRosso, Orientale sicula gallery, curated by Calusca, Acireale (CT).

Relazioni, Collettiva itinerante, curated by Katia Vespertino, Scordia, Vizzini, Militello, Mineo, (CT).


Weekends at the Cube, QUAM/Tecnica Mista gallery curated by A. Sarnari, Scicli, (RG).


National Arts Award, Academy of Fine Arts, Brera, (MI).


Residencies and workshops


SAN FEDELE ARTE PRIZE RESIDENCY, Artist's residence, Milan.


RITRATTO A MANO 3.0, Workshop/Residence with artist Gianni Caravaggio, curated by Giuliana Benassi, Ex Convento delle Clarisse, Caramanico Terme (PE).


LAVA-SCAPE, Nature and artifice in the lava landscape with photographer Laura Cantarella.

ART MARKET TODAY, Workshop on market dynamics in Art in the contemporary era in collaboration with the Dutch foundation CREARE, Centre for Research in Arts and Economics.

MEETS THE PHOTOGRAPHERS, 8 young photographers tell the story about their artistic process.

HANDMADE EDITIONS #2, workshop on publishing independent publishing.

STREET PORTRAIT, workshop on photographic portrait en plein air, curated by Ernesto Romano.


HANDMADE EDITIONS, workshop with: Cura Books / Talkinnas / 108 / Raw Raw / Drippy Bone Books/ Stefano Serusi/ Graffa/ La Forma/ UND. A project by Massimiliano Bomba & Bea De Giacomo, Art publishing edited by Federico Lupo.


CATTIVERIA, workshop: Ideas for a workshop with artist Filippo Leonardi.



San Fedele ArtsVisual Prize, The City, published by Silvana Editoriale, 2018

(s/t + i/m) x generations, Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, 2018.

Decennial of the Nocivelli Prize, Silvana Editoriale, 2018.


Federico Severino_Close to the edge, Tecnica Mista edition, Quam, Scicli (RG).

Combat Prize, Sillabe edition, 2017, Livorno.


FAM Prize, Young people for visial Arts, Associazione Amici della Pittura Siciliana dell'Ottocento, Ottocento edition, Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento.

Pre - Visions II - Emerging Artists, edited by Daniela Bigi and Ornella Fazzina, Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Silvana editorial edition.

Segni Agathae GAM, Cultural center Ciminiere, curated by Giovanni Cassese and Ornella Fazzina, Organization Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, Tyche edition.


Velato Lavico, Mansourcing - Federico Severino // Valerio Valino, Mansourcing, curated by Demetrio di Grado, Mansourcing edition, Caltagirone (CT).

Art Factory 05, Puglisi Cosentino Foundation, Org. Behind the Scenes Arts.

Informal Realism, Tecnica Mista edition curated by Antonio Sarnari, Scicli (RG).

Artists of Sicily - New Talents, New Worlds edition, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Catania.


Nocivelli Prize - Techne edition, Brescia.


National Arts Prize -Digital and scenic figurative arts, 2011, Brera (MI).


ContemporaryMENTI Award, The Arsenal Foundation. FINALIST

San Fedele Visual Arts Prize, Milan. FINALIST


Combat Prize, Museo civico Giovanni Fattori, Livorno. FINALIST


FAM Prize, Young people for visual Arts, II Edition, Associazione Amici della Pittura Siciliana dell'Ottocento, Fabbriche Chiaramontane (AG). WINNER

Arteam Cup 2016, Painting Section. WINNER


Nocivelli Prize, TECHNE Cultural Association, Brescia. WINNER


Art Prize, Milan. FINALIST


National Arts Award, Milan. FINALIST