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Federico Clapis

1987 Milano, Italy

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Federico Clapis (born on April 4th 1987, Milan) is a contemporary Italian artist. He has developed his career in a unique way, opening new itineraries and horizons in the art world. For years, Clapis has been working “undercover” producing viral videos on social networks and accumulating millions of followers and views. In September 2015, at the height of the media popularity, he decided to move away from pure entertainment and converted his online presence into a tool for the dissemination of his artistic works hitherto kept hidden.

Ten years ago, he began a long inner journey to explore the most intimate conditions of the human soul, living in an ashram in India and continuing his research in the West through various existential paths. Clapis lives his art as a materialization of his experiences, and as a medium of introspection to share with his followers. Technology, a recurring theme in his most famous artworks, is a metaphor for the contemporary in order to explore the human condition. The artist invites the public online daily to write and share on the social networks what the artwork has aroused in them, considering the act part integrand of the artistic intention.

Sculptures, installations and video art become the vehicle of a more profound adventure, discovering a shared interiority of artist and user.


2020 - January

Deep Scrolling Experience at Triennale Milano Museum (Milan)

2019 - September

Shades of Black, Storpunkt, (Monaco)

2019 - July

Collective exhibition “Umano & Disumano” during the Venice Biennale (Venice) – “Umano & Disumano”

2019 - June

Touch Scream at the Milan Triennale (Milan)

2018 - June

Monumental work for the Observation Point Square (London) – Crypto Connection 

2017 - November

Urban project for City Og God (Rio de Janeiro) WordSaveWorld

2016 - January

Exhibition during Francis Bacon’s Collection presentation

2015 - December

Solo exhibition at the Maimeri Foundation (Milan)

2015 - October

Winner of Pitagora prize – Pitagora Museum (Kr)

2015 - September

Vernon Gallery (Munich)

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