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Fanny Durand


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“The object has always been in the center. Between supposedly major art and craftsmanship, Fanny Durand questions it. Ostentatious adornments. Engraved military plaques. Helmets and shields. In turn, the object is and evokes. Tool of an era. Witness of an era.

Since 2016, Fanny Durand has linked it to women's violence. Violence by women. She draws up an inventory of female combatants. With the thoroughness of an archivist, she collects and classifies the long list of forgotten names all too often on purpose.

At the start of this quest, there is the Myth of the Amazons. The construction of a story where the beauty and ancient strength of this army of women are only at the service of man. A man who emerges from battle more victorious than his enemy is fascinating and arbitrarily doomed. In 2018, the Amazonian combatants had deposited their warrior gear in the rooms of the Museum of Fine Arts in Dole. Like the silence after the battlefield. They had survived.

What if the “Those Who Remain” truce came to an end and Penthesilea, Antiope, Hippolyte, Myrine and the others hit the road? Resumed the fight? Fanny Durand reshuffles the cards. Play history again"

Juliette Durand - December 2020

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