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Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

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Eva Chapkin was born in Chisinau , Moldova barely even knowing what the ground feels like there she has lived her whole life in Bucharest, Romania dwelling about her own identity. With a Bulgarian mother and a Moldovan father Eva is on the continuous search for her identity as well as individuality in the compressed world. She is studying at the National University of Arts at the Photography and Video department, in Bucharest. Her work jumps from an idea to another which always focuses on finding or figuring what is around us.

Eva focuses on themes and ideas such as individuality, memories , trauma as well as the imagery which comes from a lonesome childhood. She focuses on expressionism as an art movement through her
experimental films as well as mixed media installations and book objects which always give the reader a sense of comfort and offer Eva the awareness of disappearance. With a variety of works Eva writes plays, poems, as well as stories which remain a moving image on a white wall.

Number Series of films -  5 experimental films which do not want to be named. (2020-)
- Let It Rot- a series of paintings following an isolated woman which drives herself to madness , which follows her road to death.(2020)
- I'm just a Floating Curtain- continuous project where the creation of book objects never ends.(2020-)
- My Mother is A Miserable Woman: a trilogy - a present project focusing on the relationship of family, identity, femininity and suicide. (2021-)