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Nu assis


89 x 116 x 2cm

2400,00 €

Pommes de terre


105 x 96 x 2cm

2300,00 €

La tasse


57 x 82 x 1.8cm

1400,00 €

Eugenia Toledo Aragón is a Spanish painter and visual artist who has lived in France for many years. She teaches drawing and painting in several artistic and cultural centers.

Her expression is essentially figurative. From the human body to the landscape, everything is of interest to her. But it is also through everyday objects that she finds her inspiration. She likes to sublimate the simple beauty of a chair, a cup or the wounds of time left on a wall. Her works, generally of large format, are strong and are part of the search for authenticity and truth. They always contain an important poetic charge.

She uses different techniques that she frequently combines in the same work. On canvas, kraft paper or fabric, she likes to combine oil paint and acrylic but also uses charcoal, pastel and does not hesitate to use collage.

Purist or "offbeat", she has a great appetite for shapes, colors and words (she also writes, caricatures and sculpts!).

Overflowing with creativity and a relentless worker, she never gives in to the easy way and claims to reach her goal through study and effort.

"When I paint, I disappear, I no longer exist. I totally identify with the painting, I am the canvas."