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Ceremony 2


25 x 34 x 20cm


Ceremony 1


15 x 50 x 10cm


(b. 1972, İzmir) He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture in 1995. He worked as a fine arts preparation workshop instructor between 1997-2000. Preferring multiple disciplines in his art practice, Öner considers everything as a material and every form as a limit to be challenged. From his childhood, his closed and emotional character pushed him to express himself in different ways. She enjoyed painting, imitating sculptures so people would mistake her for sculpture, and designing clothes out of her mother's cheesecloth. These playful ways of expression led him to study at the DEU GSF Sculpture Department. The creation process enables him to see everything in nature as material: a tree branch brought back by the Aegean Sea, or a soda cap when appropriate. he searches for material suitable for the story: “Sometimes it is a three-dimensional sculpture, sometimes a painting that forces the third dimension. Like life, colorful, meaningful and mysterious...”
Among his personal exhibitions; Coffeeco, Urla, Izmir, Turkey (2020); Urla Vineyard House is located in Urla, İzmir, Turkey (2015).
Among the group exhibitions and the events attended; Box Mold, Mimas Art Gallery, exhibition curator, Urla, İzmir, Turkey (2021); Time and Breath, Gallery A, Izmir, Turkey (2020); Mimas Art Gallery, Urla, Izmir, Turkey (2019); Urla Bağ Evi International Art Symposium Group Exhibition, Urla, İzmir, Turkey (2017); Urla Bağ Evi International Art Symposium / Workshop, Urla, İzmir, Turkey (2017); Nis Art, Istanbul, Turkey (2017); GT Art Interiors, Izmir, Turkey (2016); Bodrum Archeology Museum, Bodrum, Turkey (1996), Turkish Architecture Faculties Student Meeting, Sculpture Workshop executive, Cyprus (1996).