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Emma Godebska


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Emma Godebska was born into a family of artists, she studied applied arts in London. Her training led her to work on materials, textures, colors, and to lead a reflection around the imprint and the trace.

In recent years, she has explored a path where the quest for the essence of painting goes through the search for a refined gesture and a minimal pictorial language. It is about a need to get to the point of focusing on the here and now, to capture a light, a sensation, a moment.

She works on a white surface, most often leaving the backgrounds blank, willingly playing with the texture of the support which interacts with the color. She approaches the latter by playing with the dilution of the paint, by exploiting the effects of transparency or the accumulation of pigments. She favors the fluidity of the material and seeks in her gesture, the balance between tension and relaxation, concentration and spontaneity to achieve the accuracy of the composition.

The painting is always inscribed in the center of the medium, floating in space, the margins remaining white. The superposition of the elements and the effects of density on the borders and transparency in the center of the motif, give the drawing a sculptural dimension, the illusion of volumes floating in space. The ranges of colors are connected to each other creating several planes and a depth that speaks as much of space as time.

These works in their formal simplicity confront the viewer with her own capacity for emotion and expression and invite her on a spiritual journey.

Works by Emma Godebska

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