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Émilie Moysson

1977 Libourne, France

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Émilie Moysson was born in Libourne in 1977.

She graduated in 2001 in photography from the Gobelins school in Paris, and it is at Daylight Studios that she perfected her interest in light with fashion, portrait and still life photographers such as Eric Traoré, Benny Valsson, Philippe Salomon among others.

As a portraitist, in 2007 she took the photographs of directors Marjane Satrapi and Vi
ncent Paronnaud for the press kit of the film Persepolis, she then collaborated with art, film and music magazines and various record companies.

In 2012, she directed a documentary on the artist Claude Lévêque, with the support of the DRAC, on a commission from the association Reg'Art Paris.

She also teaches photography and leads workshops for the Gobelins school and Lignes & Formations.

At the same time, Emilie develops a more personal artistic work, in which she searches during her travels around the world, the moment when the marvelous appears in the raw reality, looking for a point of view that leaves the viewer safe " the magical images [of Emilie Moysson] are like magical thoughts or glazed mantras " (Julie Coutureau, visual artist, about Are you hoping for a miracle?)

The view, the angle, the frame, the light, allow him to serve the quest or the creation of an extra-ordinary moment which will allow the spectator to unhook " (...) Walk, float, fly, it doesn't matter as long as you let go of a field of gravity in satellite position, the muffled view without gravity. Provided that it transforms your ground. Gelatin-dynamite. Explosive gelatin. Claudel told you: it will uproot your lazarette. (...) " ( Julie Coutureau, about Its so'sh'.)

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