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Emanuele Garletti

Brescia, Italy

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150 x 110 x 3cm

10000,00 €

Emanuele Garletti is a figurative painter who works on large and medium scale canvases in oil and acrylic, mainly in black and white. His paintings are portraits of men and women, and reflect his personal way of interpreting society. He often bases his portraits on photographs shot by himself. His paintings are the frame of a really lived moment, that he strongly wishes to propose again, combining the emotion experienced with the lively trepidation of representing it under new expressions for himself and for those who will be watching it.. Garletti started exhibiting in 2009 in his home town, Brescia at the Palazzo Bertazzoli. Since then he has won several awards such as the Celeste Prize (2016), the Circle's Foundation (2019) and Cairo Editore Awards (2019). Most recently, he has exhibited at the Artrooms Fairs in Seoul and in Rome; at the ArtExpo in New York. In 2020, he was among the finalists of the Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice, Italy.

2020 Finalist Artelaguna Prize -  Arsenale - Venice, Italy

2019 Solo Show at Le Damer Art Gallery  -  London, UK

2019 Finalist Cairo Editore Prize  -  Cairo Editore -  Milan. Italy 

2019 Fondazione Sorrento  -  Syart festival  -  Sorrento, Italy 

2019 The Artrooms Fairs / The Church Village, Rome, Italy

​2019 Winner of the Circle Foundaton's Award / Exhibition at Art Expo New York, US

2018 The Artrooms Fairs / Seoul, South Korea

​2018 Solo Show Galleria GARE 82 – Brescia, Italy

2018 The Artrooms Fairs / The Church Palace, Rome, Italy 

2017 Biennale d'Arte Soncino - Brescia, Italy

2017 Group Show Galleria Oneartgallery – Florence, Italy

2017 Group Show Galleria GARE 82 – Brescia, Italy

2016 Finalist Nocivelli Prize – Brescia, Italy

2016 Finalist Celeste Prize

2016 Group Show Galleria Oneartgallery – Florence, Italy

2015 PechaKucha format - Brescia, Italy

2015 Solo Show Prevalle Town Hall Gallery – Brescia, Italy

2013 Solo Show Montichiari Town Hall – Brescia, Italy

2013  Solo Show Palazzo Aperosa – Florence, Italy

2012 Solo Show Lavenone Town Hall  – Brescia, Italy

2011 Solo Shown Ficomaeco – Brescia, Italy

2010 Solo Show Prevalle Town Hall Gallery – Brescia, Italy

2010 Group Show “Il movente” / Concesio – Brescia, Italy

2010 Solo Show Luzzago – Brescia, Italy

2009 Group Show Palazzo Bertazzoli  -  Brescia, Italy

2009 Solo Show Marone Town Hall - Brescia, Italy

2009 Group Show Sala S.Filippo e Giacomo – Brescia, Italy

2020 Finalist Artelaguna Prize -  Arsenale - Venice, Italy

2019 Finalist Cairo Editore Prize  -  CaitoEditore -  Milan, Italy ​

2019 Winner of the Circle Foundation's Award / Art Expo NY, US 

2016 Finalist Nocivelli Prize – Brescia, Italy

2016 Finalist Celeste Prize