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Elon Brasil

1957 Rio di Janeiro, Brazil

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Sao Paulo, Brasil

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  • About the Artist

Élon Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1957, where at the age at six, he started to sketch with his crayons. His father _ also a self-taught artis _ had influenced the young Élon Brasil.

In 1968, at age of 12, he moved to Sao Paulo and won his first award. Today his figurative and abstract work is composed by the images of the land, Indians, African Brazilians and Caboclos surrounded by outstanding color and textures. His themes aim to emphasize and preserve the Brazilian Culture and his own roots.

The son from parents Bahianos (from Bahia, State of Brazil with the highest concentration of African-Brazilians), he is a mixed with African, Brazilian, Indian, Italian and Portuguese. Élon takes from his history and origins the inspirations for his work.

Élon spend sometime living with the Indians from Amazon, African tribes which added to the artist a deep wisdom for perpetuating on his canvas habits, situations and emotions that distinguish each one of these cultures.

If you stand before a painting of Élon Brasil it would be easy to understand his fascination for his culture. The beauty is evident as it encompasses the work; its characters and objects that he intends to make eternal on canvas.

Works by Elon Brasil

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