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4 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Ellen Van Brabandt

Autumn bliss


60 x 50cm

650,00 €

Vulcano Explosion


120 x 120cm

1200,00 €

Spacious dreams


80 x 100cm

950,00 €

A love for A


50 x 60cm

2020,00 €

Born in Ghent, Belgium based, in the year ‘88 with a very creative soul. Part of a hobby painters family; letting our emotions free with colours and textures on every paintable material. Went to art academy for several years whilst growing up as a teenager and always dreamed of a life as an artist. Going through life as a working mom with two kids but finding peace and ease in abstract painting. It is a very addictive hobby because of the energy it gives me after finishing a work. Adoring bright colours and sparkles so it clears up a plain room. 

Loving life as a globetrotter, foodie and fashion lover and passionate about health.