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Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury

London, United Kingdom

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

Valencia, Spain

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Works by Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury

Fragmented Self


7.5 x 7.5cm

95,00 €

Sea # 1


10 x 10cm

100,00 €

Immortalized in Marble


29 x 38.5cm

300,00 €

Ghosts in the Machine


20 x 30cm

400,00 €

Ophelia #1


45 x 140 x 4cm

1500,00 €

Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury is a London born writer and artist, and co-owner of Bloom Gallery in Valencia, Spain. Her work is a symbolic interpretation of the body. Issues such as grief, mental illness, violence, and inequality inform her use of the corporeal as a representation of the emotional being. As well as an MFA in Painting, Elizabeth holds a MA in Celtic Studies, and her interest in comparative mythology forms an important part of her research methodology. She believes that a painting holds multiple narratives, interpretable through different viewpoints and experience. Her figures are deliberately fragmented and abstracted, faceless and often with gender ambiguous.