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Elisabetta Angeli e Luca Giovagnoli


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Works by Elisabetta Angeli & Luca Giovagnoli

29.4 #2


70 x 50cm

500,00 €

29.4 #1


70 x 50cm

500,00 €

Elisabetta Angeli and Luca Giovagnoli are the artists who created “Progetto 29.4”: four series of serigraphs on fine paper, graphic-illustrated creations with subsequent pictorial interventions.

The project was born thanks to the idea of ​​Matteo Sormani, who identifies a common message in the works of the two artists: the proximity of contents and subjects could only lead to a collaboration.

The protagonists come directly from the Romagna’s scene, even if in a non-explicit way, both artists give shape to the essence of the city of Rimini.

The affinities between the two artists are also clare at the chromatic level: dull colors and neutral shades are dominating. They represent a time that is moving away unstoppably. Here the figures, with their bathing suits and their 1950s / 60s caps, are the ones that populated a Rimini that no longer exists, but which survives in their memory.

The first series presented is the so called “Le tuffatrici”. Here prevails the female figure; strong corporeality and indefinite faces leave the viewer with a incompleteness feeling. On the other hand, even if the work is started by the artist, it is always ended by the observer's impressions.

Suspended between melancholy and modernity, the protagonists are icons, mindful witnesses of an indelible Rimini.

Thanks to the particular printing of the serigraphs of “Progetto 29.4”, which allows the creation of different volumes, each of them is conceived as a unique piece