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Eleni Pappa Tsantilis


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Brignoles, Provence, France

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Eleni Pappa Tsantilis is a visual artist of Greek origin. For the last thirty years she has lived between Greece, Switzerland, the Middle East and France where she currently lives.

She has been working mainly in painting and ceramics since the early 90's.

Her style is abstract-abstract expressionist.

Depending on the subject of the painting, she works with oil, acrylic or pastels. By mixing, layering, pouring or including natural pigments and organic elements such as paper, fabrics, sand, sawdust her paintings have depth and complexity.

To apply the paint she uses brushes, painting knives, sponges or utensils she makes herself. Material, color and composition a perpetual challenge for new creations.

"What is important to me is honesty, intuition, and personal expression. I express my work through colors, textures and materials, continually challenging myself."

Many of her paintings and sculptures are in private collections around the world.

She has participated in several international solo and group exhibitions.

Works by Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

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