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South Africa

15 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Eddie Botha’s work is both personal and indifferent, sentimental and light as he examines human interactions deeply. Born in South Africa, Eddie is a well-travelled multiculturalist, dreamer, comedian, nature lover and activist whose search for cultural identity and sincere relationships is expressed through his highly detailed drawings and paintings of people and society. Using pen, paint, newspaper and collage, Eddie depicts intricate, intimate scenes filled with a cacophony of characters who colour the everyday streets.

Nothing in Eddie’s works is by chance. Combining a love of street art with the sensitivity of penmanship, a series of conversations about human nature, people, technology, media, politics and sexuality unfold before us using a complex language of colour, symbolism and metaphor. Upon first glance you will smile at familiar individuals as they are depicted in their most candid states: a beach bum, a suited man, a young punk. However, further contemplation of these seemingly sweet figures reveals a darker, more profound meaning embedded within each work- one that touches on the psychological and the humanitarian. Whether in groups or alone, each figure is revealing of one of society’s many sentiments- from brave excess, humility and beauty to greed, fetish and despair.  

Although dominated by recurring human faces and bodies, Eddie’s work also touches on the interaction between people and nature, people and technology, animals and animals. For him, nature and the technological often underpin many of our human experiences. By juxtaposing us with them, hard with soft, biological with material, Eddie prompts us to reflect upon the ways that contemporary contexts shape ourselves and inform our behaviors.

Gallery Representations and Stockists

  • Fox Galleries, 63 Wellington Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia 
  • Alouche Gallery, Manhatten, 82 Gansevoort Street, New York
  • Space of Sanctity Gallery, 798 art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao road, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing
  • Gallery Yang, 8F, Shengquan Mansion, 28 Tanjiadu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai              
  • Intersections Gallery, 34 Khandahar Street, Singapore, 198892
  • Private Artist’s Agent, Hong Kong
  • Blue Planet Fine Art, 25 Main road, Muizenberg, South Africa


  • 2015 till current                 Art teacher for ‘Kids own Publishing’ – working with local schools and community, developing educational children’s books
  • May 2018                          Oriental kids and babies, kids book illustration
  • May 2017                          Steve Madden live art event, New York
  • June 2015 till 2017            Noble Park Art Show Committee
  • October 2016                    Art Tram, Melbourne Festival
  • August 2016                     Dandenong Primary school art production for playground
  • July 2016                           5 Walls Project, Sydney
  • June 2016                         Dandenong Mall Hoarding artworks on Community theme
  • February 2016                  Committee of the Arts and Health Leadership Group,Victoria – impacting the community through art
  • June 2015                         Illustrative contract work for ‘Momentum worldwide’ – NBN – Australian’s new broadband network
  • January till June 2015       Art Teacher at Noble Park English School, working with refugee children
  • May 2012                          Terrigal Landart (30 x 40m), 5 Lands Walk Festival


  • April/ May 2017                 Conartists Mixed media residency, New York
  • Oct/ Nov 2016                   Instinct Residency, Singapore
  • March-June 2015              Herritage Hill Art Residency, Dandenong

Previous Exhibitions (Selected)

  • March 2018                       Off the Kerb Gallery, ‘Artonica’, Solo show, Melbourne
  • January 2018                    World Art Organization Exhibition and workshop, Seoul, South Korea
  • August 2017                     1st Sumok Ink Drawing Biennale, Mokpo, South Korea
  • October 2017                    7th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of

China, Beijing, China (1 of 4 representing artists)

  • April 2017                          Conartist Collective, ‘Happy Birthday’, Solo show, New York
  • December 2016                 17th Asian Art Bienalle, Dhakar, Bangladesh
  • December 2016                 No Vacancy Gallery QV, ‘Shwoosh’, Melbourne
  • November 2016                 Instinc Gallery, ‘Makan’ Solo Show, Singapore
  • November 2016                 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Shah Gallery, Singapore
  • October 2016                    Black Cat Gallery, ‘Draw the line’, Solo show, Melbourne
  • August 2016                     Lane’s End Projects, ‘Artronica’ Solo show, Melbourne
  • January 2016                    Poh Chang International Art Workshop, Bangkok
  • November 2015                 Artshole, ‘Repeat’, Melbourne
  • October 2015                    House of Bricks, ‘ Technorganic’, Melbourne
  • July 2015                           Off the Kerb Gallery, ‘Re-mortilization’, Solo show, Melbourne
  • July 2015                           Dandenong Council, ‘Nocturnal’, Performance art, Melbourne
  • March 2015                       ‘Art not Apart’ Art festival, ‘Australia Now and Then’ Performance art,


  • February 2015                  Walker Street Gallery, ‘Befuddled’ Solo show, Melbourne
  • January 2015                    Midsumma Festival, Dark Horse Gallery, Melbourne
  • November 2014                 Red Gallery, ‘The moving image’ Solo show, Melbourne
  • July 2014                           Off the Kerb Gallery, ‘Outside the Box’, Solo show, Melbourne
  • October 2013                    Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
  • October 2013                    Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, ‘Sociality’, Melbourne
  • September 2013                House of Bricks Gallery, ‘Neutral’, Melbourne
  • September 2013                BSG, ‘Spot the difference’ Solo show, Melbourne (SOLD OUT SHOW)
  • August 2013                     TUSK Gallery, ‘Here, there, everywhere’, Melbourne
  • January 2013                    Gaffa Gallery, ‘Spot the Difference’ Solo show, Sydney
  • January 2013                    Gosford Regional Gallery, ‘Terrigal Plein Air 2012’, Gosford
  • November 2012                 BSG, ‘Odd One Out’, Solo show, Melbourne (SOLD OUT SHOW)
  • November 2012                 BSG, ‘Urban Art’, Melbourne
  • June 2012                         ATVP, ‘Strange, Stranger, Strangerest’, Sydney
  • June 2012                         Kaleidoscope Gallery, ‘Solstice’, Sydney
  • February 2012                  Platform 72’s Opening Exhibition, Sydney
  • May 2012                          International Art Fair, London
  • October 2011                    Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, London
  • May 2011                          Arthive Gallery, ‘Teasing the taught’, Solo show, Newcastle
  • May 2011                          Reading Artfair, London


  • 2014 - First prize, Watson’s Art Prize
  • 2013 - Runner-up, Newcastle’s ‘Waste As Art’
  • 2011 - Highly Commended, Maitland’s ‘Waste As Art’