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The flavor of the detail, the requirement in the precision and the rhythm by the density of the features characterize the drawing of Ebba Palmstierna.

In this dreamlike universe, men and women are no longer there. Nature is populated by chimeras, beings, whimsical Dorian Gray in whom human nature has left only a few traces.

The rigorous and graphic line works like a magnifying glass setting the imagination in motion. The contrast between the modernity of the style and the evocation of these ancestral beings creates a drama, a palpable tension.

The solitude, the flight, the glance in slant. These figures are in a state of alert, they watch, suspended. Neither completely good, nor bad, but as many nuances of character.

Inspired by her travels and time in Indonesia, the United States and France, Ebba Palmstierna remains connected to her Swedish culture. Sweden is rich in literary traditions of storytelling and design. There are many examples of this tradition where the draftsman ends up being the work of a writer. Tove Jansson, Astrid Lindgren, John Bauer are part of this fertile landscape. Mizuki Shigeru and Hans Arnold are added as sources of inspiration.

Ebba Palmstierna's design succeeds in creating a magical, timeless and contemporary place.

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