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Duda Clementino

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

São Paulo

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Works by Duda Clementino

Summer Time


50 x 60cm

195,43 €



60 x 70cm

195,43 €

On a business trip to Paris, during a sunny day in February 2020, Duda Clementino wandered into an art supply store in the elegant neighborhood of Marais. At that moment she decided to start creating, painting and drawing. Her main source of inspiration are photos of beautiful cities, ordinary people, and amazing landscapes. Duda is not afraid of using lots of colors – her only goal is to paint and draw, for which she finds time despite her commitments as an IT executive and wife. She knows that she is learning with each new job. Observing artists and exploring her power of contemplation, she has discovered new aspects about her personality.