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Douglas Da Silva Araujo

1996 Milano, Italy

6 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

Douglas Da Silva Araujo was born in Milan but with Brazilian origins. Only his origins are Brazilian, as he doesn't know his family overseas and his Italian family. Of his childhood he spends few words because marked by abuse and violence. At the age of eleven, he was placed in an educational community in Milan where he spent about seven years of his life. Once he came out, he learns by himself to "live", which turns out to be more of a "survival". His life is punctuated by wrong choices for which he pays the consequences, but the one thing he does not regret is having chosen to start painting. Douglas suffers from bipolar disorder type 1, diagnosed at the age of twenty-two, and his canvases are often done in the up and also in the down periods, but always executed with strong feelings. He has never had the financial opportunity to be able to attend an academy or take classes, but has always tried to learn through means available to him such as books, tutorials, and with the help of other painters. He is currently determined to grow as an artist by laying bare his emotions.

Works by Douglas Da Silva Araujo

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