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Dony Antonin

United States

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I mainly make films and installations about the physical and social relationships we have through technology.

Inspired by my parallel practice of video mapping, I immerse the spectators in the very heart of films whose montage is fragmented in the exhibition space.

Very inspired by the cinema, I seize its means in my work by breaking down the logic of editing and narration.

I evoke in my stories the banality of everyday life confronted with the extraordinary of fictions.

What can we tell about the ordinary without disturbing elements?

What to tell when there is (almost) nothing to see?

These practices become for me a way to question what Bataille calls the "discontinuity of "being".

This idea of the emptiness that surrounds each individual from birth seems to me to be very relevant to the globalized loneliness that settles in our homes, behind our screens.

I am interested in the romantic connections that can be created between people.

I try to re-humanize this technological dimension and this speed of information by filming the body and the actors and by slowing down the narration or the movement.

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100 x 70 cm


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