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Dis Berlin

1959 Soria, Spain

8 Works exhibited

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Born in Soria in 1959 as Mariano Carrera, Dis Berlin takes his artistic name from a song by Roxy Music, which he adopted upon his arrival to Madrid in 1982.

Music –and artists like David Bowie–, literature, advertising and film are the classic references that propel his work to the forefront of Madrid’s art scene in the 80's. His first exhibition is held in 1982, and in it he is revealed to be an author with a profound insight over figurative scenes with strong narrative and iconographic features. His paintings constitute a series of successive or isolated film frames, an effect achieved by his division of the canvas into different scenes, which ultimately allow him to earn his spot within the Spanish art scene. Also well-known are his pictorial collaborations with Pedro Almodóvar on several films (The Law of Desire, Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, High Heels and Kika) during this period.

During the 90’s his style becomes much more personal. His key techniques are the use of saturated colors and contrasts between cold and warm tones, in addition to the combination of perspectives with flat paints, deliberately cancelling the sense of depth. His works feature motifs that are woven together with others in a metaphysical reading of his particular, personal universe, often reflected in multiple referrals that produce fantastic scenes with a distinctly, dreamy, surrealist feel.
His imaginary kaleidoscope, somewhat in the style of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, combines literary (Ovid, Borges, The Thousand and One Nights), pictorial (Patinir, Corot, Magritte), cinematic (Fellini, Walt Disney, the Coen brothers) and musical references (Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles or Forever Changes by Love).


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