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Detlef E. Aderhold

United States

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Works by Detlef E. Aderhold

Flow Number One


120 x 160cm


Mortherboard Korn-Kernel


150 x 150cm


German artist D. E. Aderhold’s painterly oeuvre is impressive not only because of its scope, but because of its great rigour, reflectiveness and intensity. Any attempt to locate his painting within a conceptual system leads to the recognition that Aderhold’s work cannot be submitted to ordinary categorisations. With a stimulating ambiguity, he walks a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experimental openness and chance. The pre -representational, emotional quality of the color is fundamental to the mood of the image. Dynamism is a product of dissonance—whether in the clash of acid green and crimson or in the visual clamor of hectic mark-making against a tranquil stain. These kinds of dissonances are found throughout Aderhold’s work and they bring to the fore a visual representation of his search for order in a seemingly disorderly world. The works are serious explorations of color, form and gesture. Through his work, Aderhold attempts to bring together those aspects of human experience which might seem irreconcilable. Cacophony and silence, chaos and order, gentleness and ferocity. Within the paintings, the familiar and everyday are transformed into a completely new and mysterious, idiosyncratic world. Though his work deals in duality, it is the unity of heart, mind and hand that makes Aderhold’s work coalesce into a deeply generous and surprising field of visual experience.

Since his residency at the School of Visual Arts New York in 2014 he has participated in fairs and exhibitions at galleries and museums in the United States, Canada and Europe. He also worked as “Artist in Residence” for the ShangriLa Hotel Group. In 2017 and 2020 his work was selected for the Annual Open Exhibition of the Royal West of England Academy, in 2018 and 2019 he was shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Aderhold was invited to be part of "Personal Structures" at Palazzo Bembo hosted by the European Cultural Centre in the context of 58. Biennale Venice Italy.