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King Of Cash


82 x 112 x 4cm

2600,00 €

The worlds of pop culture, street art and cultural commentary collide in the work of painter and graffiti artist Daru. Born in France and beginning his decades-long artistic career as a cartoonist and author of the comic strip Serial Coxer, it wasn't until he turned to street art that David Nicolas became Daru. Known for his famous murals and graffiti, such as Le Chat in Clermont-Ferrand, Daru's distinctive artistic style is unmistakable.

Daru has honed his artistic skills through street art, becoming a successful self-taught artist. Although he previously worked exclusively on walls as a street artist, Daru eventually became dissatisfied with the limitations of visibility imposed by working on walls. Rather than make his creations accessible only to those physically able to see them, Daru began experimenting with new mediums, moving from walls to canvas and eventually to wood. Drawing inspiration from animation, pop art and social issues, Daru uses his work to create parodies that entertain and critique contemporary society. The dualistic intentions behind Daru's work, both inspiring joy in viewers while offering commentary on societal issues, such as greed and the use of social media, blend together to create the multi-layered artwork he is known for.

Since 2019, Daru has been working with both canvas and wooden boards as mediums to make his street art more accessible to all. His work has been exhibited internationally, having been shown in both France and the United States.

Daru lives and creates from his home in the French countryside.