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Dante Moore is a member of the Black Student Union - BSU and a senior at the Kansas City Artist Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture (anticipated: 2022)

Dante Moore is a research driven artist that combines digital artwork and installation processes to discuss ideas of cultural overlap and power structures. Moore utilizes digital programs and interfaces as spaces to make work based in communication, interacting with how ideas and information spreads. Memes, Digital Collages, Augmented Reality Filters, Screen Shots, prints on paper,  social media, and installations are mediums Moore uses to produce his collections of work. Mooreís subject matter dives into layered and intersectional ideas of race and culture from a nihilistic and provocative stand point. Moore draws inspiration from art theory, meme culture, and the early 2000ís revival movement. As a mixed race artist, Mooreís work reassesses and confronts his complicated proximity to whiteness, blackness, and indigenous culture. 

Mooreís work also integrates digital interfaces with physical materials and processes like image printing and transferring for installations. Moore combines his sculptural background with his love for images and doodles to create multimedia pieces and installations that reflect his experiences in life.