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Daniela Schweitzer

United States

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As an artist born in Argentina, a local resident, and an avid traveler, she is drawn to diverse scenes and people of many different cultures—this inspires her to paint!  As a classically trained artist, whose current work involves mostly figurative abstract pieces, a she is inspired by people, human gestures, and the simple beauty of everyday events. Her love for drawing and painting started at a very early age. When she was 6, she began her Classical Training in Art in a Classical Atelier setting, where she learned the foundations of classical drawing and painting techniques. For the next 12 years, she followed a yearly academic regimen of technical progression and certification and mastered different mediums and techniques.  


Art and painting continued to be an integral part of her life after she left my hometown to study medicine in Buenos Aires in 1985, where she continued to train at an Atelier while studying at the University of Buenos Aires. Her strong classical art foundation in combination with medical studies made it possible for her to evolve as an artist with the human figure playing a prominent role in my paintings.  She continued to paint when she moved to California in 1995 and has a studio in her house in Malibu where she lives with her husband and daughter. Currently, her paintings focus on large figurative abstractions but she also enjoy painting abstract pieces, contemporary landscapes and still life.

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