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United States

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

Works by Daniel Marosi

Since This Whole Thing Started


121.92 x 50.8cm

932,66 €

Evidence Unseen


60.96 x 91.44cm

932,66 €

Daily Bread


121.92 x 152.4cm

1259,09 €

Born into a large Hungarian family in Ohio, Daniel Marosi was a regular visitor to the nearby Cleveland Art Museum as a student. Following a career path that led him to Miami, Marosi has maintained a vibrant studio practice that includes commissioned design services and painting exhibitions. His work has appeared at the Frost Art Museum, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and numerous international art fairs in Miami, New York, and London.

"Examining personal beliefs within converging systems of desire, risk and faith are themes that define my art practice. In my current body of work, the subjects of my text-based paintings are phrases I collect from sermons, scripture, advertising and popular music. Investigating their implicit authority, the phrases become headlines forming perceptions of phenomena existing beyond logic. Text-based artists such as Jenny Holzer, Ed Ruscha and Glenn Ligon influence my scrutiny of words and phrases that are paradoxically both ubiquitous and ambiguous. Like these artists, I attempt to deconstruct the power of cultural messaging. Simultaneously obscuring words while creating an overall pattern based on written letterforms, I aim to bring repeated messages to the threshold of recognizability and erasure. My process is essentially improvisational and intuitive. I loosely paint the words of a chosen phrase, allowing letterforms to be truncated, overlapped and distorted. Embracing accidental and unexpected outcomes, I compose the same phrase repeatedly until I am satisfied with the resulting patterns and illusion of depth on the painted surface."