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Cotton candy


70 x 90 x 3cm

700,00 €



50 x 61 x 4cm

750,00 €

"Under the sea I"


100 x 120 x 3cm

1495,00 €



80 x 120cm

750,00 €



88 x 138cm

695,00 €

Always surrounded by oils, paintings, brushes and frames, Covella begins to feel a passion for art, from a very early age, she was only six years old when she decided that she wanted to become an artist. It is only fair to mention that this decision was mainly influenced by her grandfather, a professional artist himself, who encouraged his little granddaughter to become an artist too.

This artistic household environment that has always accompanied her, has also motivated Covella to continue improving her skills and passion for art.

She has been learning from some of the best artists from the Alicante province in Spain. Now, we can proudly say that she is a professional artist and that she can make a living from her childhood passion.

Covella has a defined abstract style. The range of colours she uses, are mostly pastel and soft tones, neutral tones which create art that harmonises with almost any decorative style.

In addition, she is currently creating new art pieces, full of colour. Her artworks can give a touch of elegance and joy to any space.

Her artistic productions do not leave anyone indifferent, but make viewers immerse themselves in the depths of her creations.

She paints with mix media technique (acrylic, oil, ink, charcoal, etc) in canvas.

Her artworks have been exhibited in private collections in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, United States, etc.