To Dream, to Collect


Corne Theron

1974 South Africa

2 Works exhibited

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Contemporary neo-optical artist from South Africa, Corne Theron uses water as a metaphor for our subconscious. Neuropsychiatrist s call the subconscious our ‘stored memory’. Most of our reactions stem from our ‘programming’. Corne Theron is fascinated by the way we mostly react towards each other without first logically thinking about it and reasoning about it. The sources of our influence and the way it impacts us, in terms of our individuality and the way we relate to each other, motivates her work. Neuroplasticity and neuroscience are often references for her studies. She is represented by galleries from South Africa to Europe

Works by Corne Theron

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130 x 145 cm


71 x 89 cm


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