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Clément Balcon

1986 France

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"I make colored pencil drawings, based on captures of sexless scenes from pornographic films. These scenes of interludes, of truces, of waiting where the actors mimic the games of love, are for me full of poetry, of a strange and disarming tenderness. Being also a screen printer, the four-color process is at the heart of my professional practice. I chose to apply this mechanical, even industrial, principle to my drawing, and to trace the four layers of colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). It is an imperfect, uneven mechanism that gives the image an appearance that is both drawn and strangely photographic. For the series I always want to, and i never want to, each portrait is mixed with decorative ornament and motif, a repeated motif, broken, superimposed, between classic illustration and digital error, creating portraits in love and strange" - Clément Balcon

Recent exhibitions:


Exposition collective « Clôture Arondit» / L’Arondit. Paris 3ème

Exposition collective « Salo VII» / Commissariat Laurent Quenehen. Paris 11ème


Exposition collective « Salo VI» / Commissariat Laurent Quenehen. Paris 11ème


Exposition collective « Tapisser partout» / L’Arondit. Paris 3ème

Exposition collective « FOF » / Galerie DOC! Paris 19ème

Exposition collective « MAD III » / La Maison rouge. Paris 12ème

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