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Claudia Kraml

Kirchheim/Teck, Germany

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Bissingen, Germany

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Works by Claudia Kraml

Hairy fox


7 x 37cm

600,00 €

Bunny, large orange


16 x 38cm

600,00 €

Constant presence in Claudia Kraml's work, man and animal, the confrontation with mortality, finiteness, vulnerability, life, death of grief and happiness. They are mutually dependent, none of them goes without the other. The relationship between man and animal and their fusion do not let you go and are recognizable element of your ceramic sculptures. Claudia Kraml's visible beings come from a world between worlds, are border crossers and seekers, travelers in the in-between. They position themselves to life and death, the foreign and the near, to the now and the memory. They are subtle and melancholic. Their eyes reflect deep knowledge and longing. Often they cannot be assigned. They are always poetic, not repeatable and have a certain fool's license.

(EA Solo exhibition, GA Group exhibition)
2022  Aftermath, KunstWerk Fellbach, Fellbach, D (EA)
2022  Object Sculpture Ceramics, BT 24 Münsingen , D (GA)
2021  Young European Ceramic Competition, 
         Cultural Office of St. Quentin la Poterie, FR (GA)
2020  SPACE - FORM -FIGURE, Gallery Old Town Hall Musberg , D (GA)
2019  What to do when the wolf comes, final project, Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen, D (EA)
2018  Time and Art, FKN, Nürtingen,D (GA)
2017  Mal - Sehen, Hirsch meeting place, Tübingen, D (GA)
2016  Anniversary plaque, 40 years FKN, City Hall Nürtingen, D (GA)

1999 - 2014 Professional activity as a registered nurse
2014 - 2019 Art studies at the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen 
                   Painting with Prof. Thomas Heger, 
                   Ceramics with Susanne Schumacher.
                   Graduation in ceramics and painting

2021 Young European Ceramic Competition, Cultural Office of St. Quentin la Poterie, FR (Finalist)
2022 Karlsruhe Multiple, Majolika Manufactory Karlsruhe, D (Finalist)