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Clara Citron

1989 Paris, France

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"My work, inspired by the daily life of a young woman of the 21st century, attempts to bring out what lies within us crouching in the shadow of self-righteousness. Through drawings, paintings and engravings, a narrative thread is woven mixing words with signs. Crossed by the world, the different statuses of mother, daughter, wife, are dissected there, ridiculed to better demonstrate that we would be misguided by thinking that being a woman on a daily basis comes down to this.

In a previous exhibition, Once upon a time, not two, I told about the daily life of a woman who becomes pregnant, in four seasons. Spring is questioning, the moment when she discovers the result of the damn pregnancy test. Keep it ? Leave him ? Then comes summer, the moment of production, nothing can stop it, it's a missile, it has to be made room in the metro. Autumn is childbirth, the dreaded opening. And Winter gives way to post-natal depression. Daily life, step by step, season after season, is a process. The process of creation. From a kid to a work of art, whatever. The fall rather than the landing.

My work therefore tries to write down the multiple and universal questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis, summoning in turn femininity, sexuality, the frenzies of our contemporary universe, childhood and the changes due to the passages between these states. If I am obviously inspired by my daily life, my status as a mother and a daughter and a wife, in my drawings I dream of a world where the fury of a uterus would make the earth shudder with laughter"

- Clara Citron

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