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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Sitges (Barcelona)

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Ciruelo Cabral was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963. He adored comics and fantasy literature and films since he was a child.

He started working in illustration aged 18 for a graphic advertising company, soon after he was doing comic book cover pages and at 21, as a freelance illustrator, started his career as a fantasy artist.
In 1987, Ciruelo travelled around Europe and decided to settle in Sitges (Barcelona, Spain). His work, essentially fantasy book covers, was being published by the Timun Mas imprint, meanwhile, he began searching for publishers for his particular “worlds of fantasy”, eventually finding them in Spain, the UK, the United States and Germany, therefore widening his horizons and reaching an international public.

In fact, nowadays, some of Ciruelo artwork is familiar to most people. Published by the prestigious Paper Tiger Books in 1991, his anthological and legendary The Great Book of the Dragon (El Gran Libro del Dragón, originally) is well known to all lovers of fantastic art anywhere, it has been translated into 8 languages ​​so far and it’s what established Ciruelo as one of the best fantasy artists and the number one across-the-board when it comes to depicting dragons.

Master Ciruelo suffers from color blindness. This was one of the reasons he says pushed him towards fantasy art where, early on, he found he could have more freedom to deal with colors. The passion for those worlds he creates based on the mythology and folklore of various cultures, the magical and the supernatural do the rest.

Amongst his fans and supporters, George Lucas, for whom he drew the covers of the Chronicles of the Shadow War, a book trilogy written by him. Musicians have also asked him to create the cover art for their albums, such as Steve Vai's The 7th Song and The Elusive Light and Sound, Spinetta and The Flower Kigs. He designed dragons for AWP’s movie based on the legend of Saint George and the dragon, George and the Dragon (or Dragon Sword).

His artwork includes illustrations for covers of Playboy, Heavy Metal and Fierro magazines. And can be seen in Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: MTG, the world’s biggest trading card game.

He collaborated with his friend, writer Alejandro Jodorowsky on a comic book story published in France and in the USA in 2006. Ciruelo also illustrated the book cover of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Christopher Paolini’s Eragon as well as Random House’s The Official Eragon Coloring Book.

Further books that gather some of his drawings include: Ciruelo, Luz, the Art of Ciruelo, and Magia, the Ciruelo Sketchbook, Cuaderno de Viajes, Dreams Notebook, Magic Notebook, Fairies and Dragons, Infinito Interior. His clients include TSR Inc., Berkley Publishing Group, Tor Books, Warner Books and Ballantine.

Ciruelo’s techniques of choice involve mainly acrylic and oil painting, canvases and prints but also the “petropictos” his famous and unique art form which consists in painting on rocks creating three-dimensional images halfway between pictures and sculptures.