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United States

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73.66 x 53.34cm

4476,78 €



60.96 x 76.2cm

4663,31 €



152.4 x 101.6cm

14922,59 €



40.64 x 40.64cm

1865,32 €



111.76 x 182.88cm

19585,90 €

Grasping at Unity


152.4 x 101.6cm

14922,59 €

Dancing with Duality (Print) (1/10)


55.88 x 76.2cm

699,50 €

Christopher Remmers is a Northwest-based artist focused on classical realism and methodology. He has received extensive instruction in the traditional approaches of classical and imaginative realism. He began his formal training with California-based artist Virgil Elliot, author of Traditional Oil Painting. Having developed a better understanding of  the classical approach, he enrolled in a 3-year program with the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle under the guidance of instructor Tenaya Sims. With Sims, Christopher was able to develop a strong narrative voice with imaginative, large-scale works.

"For as  long as I can remember I have felt deeply inspired by the grand narrative paintings of our past, as well as the great mythologies that were the impetus for their creation. There are burning questions that compel me to create and grow as an artist: How are we to move these narratives along? How are we to participate in the evolution of these universal mythologies of the human condition? How can we use these expressions as mirrors for a deeper understanding of creativity? 

My work is blending classical realism with mythological narratives in a way that, as I imagine we have always needed to do, blurs and twists the line between abstraction and realism. My work is endeavoring toward the texture, fluidity, and grandness that I have always admired from great traditional painters from Baroque to Mannerist to Impressionism and beyond. I look for the bridges in technique as well as narrative. How can I meld mythological narratives with modern themes of psychedelia and mysticism to convey their universality? How can I fuse realism with abstraction until the two can better convey our evolved story? Every painting is a question answered in the process and in the viewing. Evolving our collective mythology in my work is of the utmost importance. "