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Chris Tille (*1971, Germany) works at the intersection of science and art. The symbiosis of science,
art and photo technology is the driving force in his work. He uses photography as a means of
visualising complex data sets, in order to make scientific principles and discoveries more accessible
and meaningful. His series use public domain satellite and space agency data as a starting point.
The »Kraftfeld« project is based on photography with the Coggins Aura camera, which technically
allows the individual colored Kraftfeld of humans to be depicted. In his current project, Chris Tille
shows again that it is quite possible to visualize the abstract with photographic means.
Chris Tille exhibits internationally in galleries and institutions. His works are represented in renowned
private and public collections. He has won the awards the »Artist Prize 2021« - Gallery BBA Berlin and
»Best Photographer & Designer, DWC Deutsche Wirtschaftschronik«.