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Céline Tuloup

1980 Vichy, France

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Borrowing from multiple forms (embroidery, installation, ceramics, drawing, photography), Céline Tuloup's artistic universe draws from psychoanalysis and sociology. It brings into play the relationships between private and public, individual memory and collective memory.

The practice of embroidery in her artistic achievements is intended as a reference to a domestic activity linked to the history of the condition of women but also to crafts requiring know-how.

Her desire is both to reactivate this practice by inscribing it in a contemporary plastic research and to move it by confronting it with questions crossing our topicality.

By using a practice linked to the confinement of women in the private sphere, she operates a reversal of this heritage by a shift towards political questions specific to the public sphere, formerly reserved for men.

"In Céline Tuloup's work, transfer and projection appear as the possibility of regenerating language. Under the prism of psychoanalysis, of a loose and open thought experience, the artist explores the unspoken and letting go of meaning. Her protean practice combines ceramics, painting and traditional techniques of female craftsmanship. She reproduces in embroidery the boards of the Rorschach test on skin tambourines (Psychic circles, 2014), or the silhouettes of migrants on canoes in a network of clues each linked by threads (Signes Noirs, 2017).Céline Tuloup thus creates the logics of circulation of individual and collective memories which, uprooted, overlap to highlight mental spaces".

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