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Cécilia Jauniau

1974 France

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris, France

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Cécilia Jauniau (1974), lives and works in Paris.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Paris 8, before going to New York for a year, where she studied photography and more particularly the portrait and the female nude.

The nude opens a new field for her. It liberates the image less than a whispered or mute "word". The body takes back what has been confiscated. It can assume its desires.

In this sense, Cécilia Jauniau remains impassioned by the fragmented bodies of Bellmer, the fetishism of Molinier, the figurative power of Nan Goldin, and the crudity of a Saudek and his abandoned, raw, dripping, shaped, perverse bodies.

She never chooses professional models for her photographs, finding her women through advertisements. Through her works on paper, Cécilia Jauniau remodels the body. In this work, the obsession of construction creates lifelines (freehand in order to lose too much control). The artist, in such rites, seems to turn up the bodies, to compose with their fragments, to touch the most naked image.

Works by Cécilia Jauniau

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