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Cecilia Meroni

1994 Como, Italy

5 Works exhibited

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Born in Como, she graduated in Painting and Visual Arts at the NABA Academy in Milan. In 2019 she completed her master studies in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at the NABA Academy in Milan. She works for Looking For Art as head of events and social communication.

Cecilia Meroni's work is divided between illustration and painting. Her works on the state of human being, on its animal origins and on the psychological aspects of contemporary society, in an autobiographical perspective. She searches the outside world for images and actions that can interpret his personal history from a universal point of view.


Before but around, 26/10/2018-10/11/2018, Studio Ipogeo, Milano, curated by Giulia Carletti

Dissetarte, 28/07/2018, Chiesa San Feriolo, Tavernerio (CO), Consulta Giovanile Tavernerio

Il Corso delle Cose, 14/06/208-30/06/2018, Associazione Casa del Custode delle Acque, Vaprio d'Adda (MI), corso di Curatela A.A.2017/2018

SIDE festival - Hardcore/Softcore, 16/06/2018-17/06/2018, Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio, Como, Allineamenti

SIDE festival - Micro/Macro, 7/10/2017-8/10/2017, Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio, Como, Allineamenti

Just Good Friends, 6/05/2017, Hotel Premuda, Spotorno (SV), curated by Clarissa Falco e Camilla Alberti

Katerpillar 1, 21/06/2016, Current Project, Milano curated by Marcello Maloberti, Marco Ceruti e Edoardo Manzoni

Era Pacifica Pare, 10/05/2016-12/05/2016, Fondazione C/O, Milano curated by Marco Belfiore

Theatre of Learning, 18/06/2015, Nuova Accademia NABA, Milano curated by Marco Scotini

16° Premio Ricas, 12/05/2015-14/05/2015, Fondazione C/O, Milano curated by Fondazione C/O

Works by Cecilia Meroni

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