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Catherine Guinot


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Paris, France

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  • About the Artist

French Canadian artist. I currently live and work in Paris.

My work has been exhibited in different countries and is represented by different galleries.

I studied Interior Architecture and Textile Design: an atypical path marked by pictorial and digital experiments. I work in several fields that enrich each other: design, textile, graphic design, 3D & 3D printing, painting, drawing, etc... I go from one to the other in a fluid and natural way.

I discovered felt pens when I was 2 years old: it was a revelation! They have never left me.

Since then, my palette of tools has grown considerably.
Progressively, the pictorial practice became essential in my life, more than a mode of expression, it is almost a necessity!

Everything interests and inspires me: sensations, emotions, conversations, memories, dreams, press articles, a word, a book, a photo, a poster, an exhibition, a conference, a trip, an escapade in nature, multiple subjects...

Of course in this ALL there is a direction, my senses, my mind, my soul are wired to capture what touches me particularly with a predilection for nature and its beauty. If we pay attention, beauty and harmony are all around us, sometimes well hidden and yet...

The color is my Ariadne's thread, my main tool.

Then comes the expression, the experimentation, the exploration... I search.

Works by Catherine Guinot

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80 x 80 cm

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