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Caterina Arciprete

Neapel, Italy

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Caterina Arciprete, Italian artist, combines photography,drawing/painting and writing. She has had several exhibitions and editorial projects in Italy and abroad. Arciprete studied and
taught at the IED of Rome. For many years she was an art consultant for the international platform BIN. She collaborates with Nami Gallery in Neaple and Liquid Art System in Capri.
The artist has also published art books. Among others “The secret of happiness” 2018, "La notte dello stregone" 2011,"Guida alla città dei ragazzi" 2012.
In Italy she develops art projects for companies such as Oste jewelry, Caffe Borbone, Camomilla Fashion, Garofalo and Øodaaq. In 2019 she showed ‘Gate’ atNaples international Airport, an
exhibition and an art book about a passage open to all those who make the planet a single landscape.
In 2022 she created a collection of photo-paintings and drawings called “Swedish Light” exclusively for Galleri Artsight in Sweden. 

Solo Exhibitions:
~ Stars (Città della Scienza, Napoli. 2004)
~ Stories of angels or seagulls ( International airport of Naples, 2004)
~ Infinity (Zabo Gallery, Naples 2005)
~ Golden light (Camomilla Italia showroom, Italy 2006)
~ The eye of Naples ( Reg. Campania, New York 2006)
~ In the kingdom of black silence (Reg. Campania of NYC, Trip Gallery, Naples 2007)
~ About us (Domus Artis gallery, Naples 2010) 
~ The dressed up soul  (PAN museum of contemporary art, Naples 2010)
~ Unveiling your sea (Tunnel Borbonico, Naples 2012; Dumbo art festival New York, 2012)
~ Take Away (Capricorno gallery, Capri 2013)
~ La piuma sull’occhio (Raro design, Naples 2013)
~ Transition Point  (videoArt castel dell'Ovo, show Skyhouse, Naples 2015)
~ Shapeless (Rari Nantes, Naples 2015)
~ The invisible beat_Angeli (Pio Monte della Misericordia museum, Naples 2017/2018)
~ Gate (S.Domenico museum & International airport, Naples 2019)
~ Wishes & Dreams (Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2021)
~ Swedish light (Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2022)
~ Souls of Paper (for the next duo-exhibition at the Nami gallery, Naples 2023).

~ Stories of Angels or seagulls, Gesac editor, Naples (Text & drawings, 2005)
~ The eye of Naples, Electa editor (Catalogue 2006)
~ In the kingdom of black silence, Artebambini editor ( Artbook, 2007)
~ The soul dressed, Electa editor (Catalogue, 2010)
~ Unveiling your sea, Massa editor (Catalogue, 2011)
~ The Feather on the eye, Grafica Metelliana editor (Text & drawings, 2012)
~ Shapeless ( Artbook, 2015)
~ The invisible beat, Grafica Elettronica editor (Catalogue 2017)
~ Il segreto della felicità, Apeiron editor (Text & drawings, 2018)
~ Gate, Arte’m editor (Catalogue, 2019)
~ Wishes & Dreams art book (with artprints limited edition, 2020)