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Bordeaux, France

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Pure imagination


60 x 80 x 2cm

750,00 €



65 x 81 x 2cm

750,00 €



70 x 90 x 2cm

900,00 €

Self-taught, drawing has been part of Carole Bélurier Aka Caro Graffiti's life since her earliest childhood. In 2015 she became a tattoo artist for the joy of creating a work on a person who would wear her all her life. Loving to test different artistic practices, she began graffiti in 2019. It is a revelation for the artist who, more than ever with the Covid crisis, finds real personal fulfillment and a means of creating social ties thanks to this art. Since then, she has had exhibitions in France and abroad. In Paris she is represented by Galry and begins to mark the walls of the city with her creations. The graffiti artist finds her inspiration both in a film, those of Tim Burton for example, whose universe she particularly likes, but also in the detour of a photo, by crossing people in the street, or by listening to a conversation... Her work is cheerful, colorful and makes us travel!