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Carlo Nangeroni

1922 - 2018 New York, United States

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Carlo Nangeroni was born in New York on 24 June 1922 into a family of Lombard emigrants. In 1926, he came to Italy to study. Between 1938 and 1942 he attended the courses of the Higher Christian Art School Beato Angelico of Milan and meanwhile, evening classes at Brera where he studied under Mauro Reggiani. In 1946, he returned to the USA and took up residence at New York, where his family lived. The following years were full of life experiences, experiments and research in the field of art in contact with the renewal of American painting and the rise to fame of the continent’s major artists. In the spring of 1948, he met the sculptor Alexander Archipenko, who was in New York at the time, and attended his workshop. In that period, he came into contact with the ideas and protagonists of action painting such as Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. In that same period, he became acquainted with and took interest in the experiments into sounds and noises which the composer Edgar Varese conduct ed in his workshop/laboratory in Mac Dougal Street. He met and mingled with poets and writers such as Alastair Reid, Octavio Paz and Jorge Guillen. In 1949, he set up his first one-man show at the New York cir culating gallery of paintings. For a short period, he painted using an abstract expressionist style. The works of this period were later exhibited in a one¬man show in 1958 at the Meltzer gallery on 57th Street. During those same years, he took an interest in stage design and worked in conjunction with the National Broadcasting Company television network, creating stage designs for opera and theatre performances including Verdi’s Macbeth, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Menotti’s Amal and the night visitors and theatre productions such as Shakespeare’s Richard II and Macbeth, Rostand’s, Cirano de Bergerac, and others still. His works appeared in collective exhibitions at the Pennsylvania National Academy of Philadelphia, the College of fine Arts University of Illinois, and the Detroit Institute of Arts of Detroit. Between 1954 and 1957, he created a series of almost mono chrome works (white with the addition of a little color) with strong textures and minor relief, in which figurative recollec tions mix with non-objective scores. In 1958 he helped create an advertising project entitled the Chrisalis by Salvador Dali for a pharmaceutical company, manufacturers of the first tran quilizers. In 1958, he returned to Italy to live in Milan in order to dedicate himself wholly to painting. In November, 1959 he exhibited for the first time in Italy at the Schneider gallery in Rome together with the sculptor Carmelo Cappello. The exhibition was also visited by Willem de Kooning who was in Rome at the time. In 1960, he consid ered his informal period had come to a close and changed his free brush strokes into definite plastic elements and began experimenting with rational organization. From arched brush strokes came semi-circular elements and hence the circle which became a constant feature of his work. In Milan, he made contact with the artistic milieu of the city. He met artists such as Gianni Colombo, Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, the T group, Paolo Schiavocampo, Gianni Brusamolino, Miro Cusumano, the critics Franco Russoli, Marco Valsecchi, Carlo Belloli and many others. In 1963, he staged a one-man show in Bergamo, presented by critic Marco Valsecchi. Again in 1963, he met Emilio Scanavino, who invited him to Calice Ligure in the hinterland of Savona, where he had just moved. For Nangeroni too, Calice became a summer retreat and shortly after, numerous other Italian and foreign artists arrived to form a bustling colony during the summer months. In 1965 he was invited to the 9th Quadrennial in Rome. In 1967 he was invited, togeth er with Emilio Scanavino, Arturo Bonfanti, Carmelo Cappello and Renato Volpini to the Art Alliance Foundation of Philadelphia. In 1968, he married Mary D’Orazio. In the years 1968 and 1969, he was invited to the Musee d’Art Moderne to the “Realites Nouvelles” exhibitions. In 1968, he designed the settings for De Falla’s El retablo de Maese Pedro, Dallapiccola’s Job, and Strawinsky’s Oedipus Rex for the sea son of the Teatro Comunale Margherita of Genoa. In 1972 he was invited to the Venice Biennial for graphics. In those years he was busy trying to develop a working “grammar” of his own, mainly using ranges of grays on white backgrounds and almost abandoning color. In 1973, he was invited to the 10th quadrennial in Rome. Since 1981, fascinated by combinations, theme variations and the ambiguity of color, he has experimented and developed iridescent colors by matching colored vertical straight lines and small diagonal lines to form a microstructure pattern where light is a constant concern. In 1984, he completed a six¬meter x two meter eighty fresco in the Melzi di Cavaglia estate (Vercelli). In 1986, he was invited to the Venice Biennial in the “Color, aspects of organized chromatic research” section and to the 11th Quadrennial in Rome. In the nineties, his quest contin ued, by fragmenting backgrounds into color particles, to achieve greater light vibration. In 1994, two large anthological exhibitions were staged at the Ducal Palace of Massa and at the Terni Council Library, both presented by the critic Luciano Caramel. Between 1973 and 2004, he taught at the Milan design Polytechnic. His works can be found in collections in the USA, in France, in Germany, in Italy, in the contemporary art collection of New York University, at the Turin Modern Art Gallery, at the modern art museum of Saarbriiken and in many other exhibi tions in the USA, France, Germany and Switzerland. He passed away in March 2018.

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2016 Thiene – Cultural Association “Vivere l'Arte...l'Arte di vivere” Matera – Galleria Albanese Arte Alessandria – Il triangolo nero “La musicale leggerezza della geometria” 2015 Milan – Galleria La stanza dell'arte Bergamo – Galleria d'Arte Bergamo 2014 Rovereto (Tn) - Laboratorio Arte Grafica Lissone - Museum of Contemporary Art, "Sessanta cum Laude" 2012 Verbania - Galleria Vico Trento - Studio ArteArchitettura di M. Baldracchi Acqui Terme (Al) - GlobArt Gallery San Bernardino (Gr) - Galleria Spazio 28 Lugano - Atelier d'Arte e Architettura Cremona - Galleria delle Arti Milan - Galleria Lo Scoglio di Quarto Bergamo - Colleoni Proposte d’Arte 2010 Cavazzale di Monticello Conte Otto (VI) – Galleria Moretto Rivara (To) - Castello di Rivara, “Padri e Figli” 2009 Trento - Associazione Dodecaedro, “C. Nangeroni, Esercizi del vedere” 2008 Brescia - Lagorio Arte Contemporanea, “Arturo Bonfanti, Carlo Nangeroni” Milan - Galleria Annotazioni d’arte, “Bonfanti Nangeroni” Bogliasco (Ge) - Galleria Ulisse incontrare l’arte, “Carlo Nangeroni – dipinti e aquarelli” 2006 Locarno – Galleria “Il Salice” New York - Esso Gallery, “C. Nangeroni, An Art of modular nuance” 2005 Milan – Cavenaghi Arte Contemporanea Rome – “Galleria Arte & Pensieri” Alessandria – Galleria Soave 2004 New York – Aeroporto J.F.K., Sala VIP Alitalia 2003 Brescia – Galleria Lagorio Seregno (MI) – Galleria Arte Silva 2002 Finale Ligure - Chiostri di S. Caterina Fivizzano – Chiostro del Convento Agostiniano Milan – Sala del Collezionista Fondazione Stelline 2001 Ceriano Laghetto – Palazzo Comunale 2000 Finale Ligure – Valente Arte Contemporanea Portofino – I.A.T. “Dieci piccole tele” Calice Ligure – Comune di Calice Ligure, Casa del Console Omegna (Vb) – Galleria Spriano 1999 Milan – Lorenzelli Arte “Continuo discreto” 1998 Lonigo (VI) – Galleria del Teatro Comunale 1997 Cavazzale di Monticello Conte Otto (VI) – Galleria Moretto 1996 Finale Ligure – Valente Arte Contemporanea Sesto San Giovanni – Galleria dell’ Auditorium, Banca di Credito Cooperativo Omegna (Vb) - Galleria Spriano, "La Parete" 1995 Omegna (Vb) – Galleria Sprianoe 1994 Massa – Palazzo Ducale “Antologica” Terni – Bibliomediateca Comunale “Antologica” 1993 Cavazzale di Monticello Conte Otto (VI) – Galleria Moretto Novara – Galleria Stazionedellarte Milan – Studio Reggiani Omegna (VB) – Galleria Spriano 1992 Milan – Studio Reggiani Genoa – Studio B2 1991 Padova – Galleria Carrain 1990 Wien – Galleria Chobot Milan – Studio 111 Finale Ligure – Valente Arte Contemporanea Frankfurt am Main – Frankfurter Westend Galerie 1988 Bologna – Arte Fiera (Valente Arte Contemporanea) Bari – Expo Arte Milan – Galleria Gastaldelli Matera – Galleria San Biagio 1986 Saarlouis (Germany) – Treffpunkt Kunst 1985 Milan – Lorenzelli Arte Padova – Galleria La chiocciola Omegna (Vb) – Galleria Spriano Cassano D’Adda – Biblioteca Comunale Milan – Galleria Immagini Koh-I-Noor 1983 Sarnico – Galleria Santo Stefano 1982 Bari – Studio F., Expo Arte Milan – Galleria Gastaldelli Como – Galleria Pantha Arte 1981 Bolzano – Galleria Il Sole Omegna (Vb) – Galleria Spriano 1979 Milan – Galleria Arte Struktura Albisola – Galleria Balestrini 1978 Bra – Galleria L’Angolo Milan – Studio D’Ars Fara D’Adda – Galleria Arte Incontri Milan – Galleria Gastaldelli Milan – Banca Popolare di Milano (Salone della sede centrale) 1977 Alassio – Galleria Galliata Messina – Galleria il Fondaco Milan – Galleria Pilota Rome – Galleria L’Arco 1976 Milan – Galleria Lorenzelli Omegna (Vb) – Galleria Spriano San Remo – Galleria Beniamino Finale Ligure – Galleria Rotelli 1975 Vicenza – Galleria Tino Ghelfi 1974 Milan – Galleria Gastaldelli Lecco – Galleria Stefanoni Turin – Galleria Centro Finale Ligure – Galleria Rotelli Modena – Galleria Effemeridi 1973 Milan – Galleria Studio P.L. Verona – Galleria Ferrario 1972 Milan – Galleria il Milione Castellanza (VA) – Galleria Del Barba Bergamo – Galleria Lorenzelli 1971 Milan – Galleria Falchi Como – Galleria il Salotto 1970 La Chaux de Fonds – Galerie du Club 44 Milan – Galleria San Fedele 1969 Bale – Galleria Bettie Thommen Parigi – Galleria – Arnaud 1968 Finale Ligure – Galleria Regis Turin – Galleria il Punto Milan – Galleria il Parametro 1967 Genoa – Galleria La Polena 1965 Milan – Galleria Lorenzelli Locarno – Galleria Flaviana 1964 Larchmond USA – Mary Galleries of Westchester L.T.D. 1963 Bergamo – Galleria Lorenzelli 1961 New York – Meltzer Gallery 1960 Genoa – Galleria San Marco 1959 Messina – Galleria il Fondaco Rome – Galleria Schneider 1958 New York – Meltzer Gallery 1949 New York – New York Circulating Library of Painting Selected Group Exhibitions 2017 Genoa - II Biennale di Genova - Lifetime Achievement Award Milan - Museo del 900 and Gallerie d'Italia, "New York, New York - La Riscoperta dell'America" Celle Ligure - Galleria SMS, Messaggi d'Arte - "Ceramiche e Dipinti, Carlo Nangeroni e Mauro Cappelletti" 2016 San Bernardino (CH) – Galleria Spazio 28, “Segni e Forme di Luce” Savona – Fortezza del Priama, “8 celle per 8 artisti” Bologna – Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande “Percorsi di Segni” 2015 Melegnano - Dedicata a Alberto Veca Trento – Association Hortus Artieri, “10 Artisti” 2014 Ellera (Sv) - Galleria all'Aperto della Ceramica d'Arte Saarlouis - Atelier Museum Hans Ludwig, "Unterwegs von Gestern nach Morgen" Turin - Palazzo dell'Arsenale, "Novanta Artisti per una Bandiera" 2013 Altare (Sv) - Museo del Vetro, "A. 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Works by Carlo Nangeroni

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