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Carla d’ Amato

United States

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  • About the Artist

A defining encounter in early childhood with Famous Argentinian artist Benito Quinquela Martin had a profound and lasting impact on Carla’s path to becoming an artist. He noted her interest and talent for art during family visits to his studio and took it upon him self to share his knowledge on the use of charcoal and graphite’s in an effort to keep her busy.

Observation and communication through image, emotion and surroundings were crucial in the years to come. Born in Buenos Aires but having lived in various countries throughout South America, She witnessed times of conflict, extreme poverty, abuse of power and people rising up in protest right before her eyes. She knew her experiences had sharpened her perception and her path to becoming an artist was fueled by the urge to give them a voice.

She received her Architectural degree while living abroad due to family pressures but made sure to find a way to stay true to her artistic passion, since architecture in those days was hand drawn. During her travels she experienced various cultures and languages as well as different artistic mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, impasto and etching. The pop art of the 90’s to the Masters, Abstract art and Cubism all of which became part of her language of expression.

Upon her return to South America in 2010 with its mixture of street art, murals set against its gentle landscape her childhood memories ignited her and became a catalyst to show her work. Renowned painter Pedro Peralta encouraged her to open her own studio immediately after her first show at Galleria Grillo.

She found her own unique way of painting and redefined her use of traditional materials and techniques. Carla’s artistic language gave birth to this new body of work “Of Light and Shadow”, a subtle raw chasm of the human condition, from unconscious to the tangible, engaging her audience in a private dialogue where gesture, power and the element of motion interact freely, dissolving boundaries.

Today Carla spends her time between Uruguay and Italy where she resides while creating her work. Carla has sold to private collectors internationally within the UK, UAE and the US. She is represented by Blink Group Gallery in Miami and Los Angeles.

Works by Carla D'Amato

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