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Camila Quintero

London, United Kingdom

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Camila Quintero

Golden Hour


67 x 97cm

949,35 €

Geometric Utopia


60 x 80cm

949,35 €

Dynamic Symmetry


30 x 40cm

1068,02 €

Colors of Light


51 x 61cm

1424,03 €

2 June 2021


80 x 100cm

3797,41 €

Camila Quintero's artworks are colourful space explorations. Through shapes, colours, and minimal lines, the visual artist investigates the relationship between the elements and their surroundings. 

Currently based in London, Quintero holds a MA in Visual Arts from UAL / Camberwell College of Arts and a BA in Graphic Design. 

Her artistic practice challenges the viewer's perception, creating three-dimensional compositions, with imperfect perspectives, distortions, and deconstructions. The result is an aesthetically abstract and geometric style that provokes a surreal sense of estrangement. Quintero works on colours and composition, drawing on both the great masters of Abstract Art and the functional shapes of Bauhaus, weaving a fruitful dialogue between art, design, photography, and architecture. Her acrylic on canvas paintings and digital prints on paper or Dibond show her interdisciplinary approach.

Camila Quintero exhibited in several group exhibitions in galleries and auctions in London and showcased her selected work in Selfridges. Her paintings search for formal balances and spatial discovery.