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United States

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Works by Bryon Perdue

Fragment X


Drawings & Works on Paper , Mixed Media

63.5 x 73.66 x 5.08cm

1507,00 €

Fragment IX


Drawings & Works on Paper , Mixed Media

38.1 x 35.56 x 5.08cm

640,00 €

Fragment VIII


Drawings & Works on Paper , Mixed Media

66.04 x 73.66 x 5.08cm

1279,00 €

Fragment VI


Drawings & Works on Paper , Mixed Media , Ink

63.5 x 83.82 x 4.45cm

1288,00 €



Drawings & Works on Paper , Mixed Media

68.58 x 55.88 x 5.08cm

1400,00 €

Bryon Perdue Jr is a Native American mixed media artist out of Oklahoma City who creates nonrepresentational work based on his interests in science. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2013 with his BFA in Studio Art. He is an active member of the Oklahoma arts community serving as grant reviewer for the Oklahoma Arts Council, committee member for Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition projects and past president of the nonprofit group Inclusion In Art. Through his efforts with Inclusion In Art, he has curated exhibitions in spaces such as Oklahoma Contemporary and has participated as a mentor to emerging artists. In his individual pursuits, he has had projects funded by Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and has exhibited his work nationally and regionally.

'I create work that investigates relationships between layers of spontaneous material application, spontaneous pattern building and definitive linear elements. I use various inks, powder pigments, papers, paint and polycrylic to build systems that interact physically and visually. I draw inspiration from atomic systems and the seemingly infinite relationships they take part in. With the vast and various types of relationships that exist, I choose to create imagery that could represent any possible outcome.'