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Brian Gleckman

United States

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Brian Gleckman

Untitled Triptych

241.3 x 134.62cm

1344,19 €

The Tower of Babel

76.2 x 101.6cm

1344,19 €


76.2 x 101.6cm

1344,19 €

Golden Calf

76.2 x 101.6cm

1344,19 €

The Ties That Bind

76.2 x 121.92cm

1477,98 €

Brian Gleckman has been painting for more than forty years. Born in Los Angeles, he trained under Don Lumbert at California State University, and later worked informally with Leopold Plotek in Montreal. In addition to his own studio work, Brian taught drawing, painting, and photography for thirty years. He is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brian brings to his art a sensibility that is borne from his cultural identity, extensive study of art history, and an original application of visual interpretation. Influenced by – but not seeking to emulate - the works of Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Afro Basaldella, and Emil Schumacher, Brian’s primary inspiration is to be found in the built environment and the design of written forms.

Brian’s work broadly focuses on the relationship between space, shape, and texture within the context of abstract visualization. His is an exploration that balances pre-considered composition with intuition, and marries intent - that is, vision of purpose - with spontaneity and improvisation. Brian’s paintings are often infused with a sense of movement and a deliberate degree of visual tension, prompting a reconceptualization of visual spaces and the relationships that result and exist within. Brian’s work reflects a rawness of interpretation that invites contemplation by discerning viewers and private collectors.