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Breanna Kohlmeyer

United States

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Tempe, Arizona

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Sculpture , Mixed Media

24.13 x 27.94 x 22.86cm

1644,00 €

Sleeping in The Stars


Sculpture , Mixed Media

25.4 x 26.67 x 20.32cm

1827,00 €

We tend to obscure our true selves and the circumstances we are going through by masking our emotions. The manifestation of emotional disturbances such as stress, depression, or anxiety resides in most people and can overtake our thoughts. I reflect upon and investigate the concealment of these internal struggles in relation to how we present ourselves outwardly through my forms and surface design.

In developing my artwork, I have gathered inspiration from tumors and the intestinal-like structures of the human body to discuss inner turmoil. This form is the basis for my illustrations, in which the physical act of stitching is a means to connect with the repairing of oneself and recurring psychological wounds. Each section illustrates a narrative referencing my own trauma and the imbalance that it constructs. By building and illustrating these objects, I can work through my own conflicts while also creating a space to which others can relate.

Breanna Kohlmeyer is a ceramic artist who was born and raised in Washington, Kansas. She started her college career at Kansas State University as a drawing major and later transferred to Arizona State University. Looking to become a more versatile artist, she shifted her focus to ceramics and graduated with a BFA in 2020. During her time at ASU, she has participated in gallery exhibitions, received various scholarships, and awards, including a Windgate Foundation Scholarship, an Arizona Artist Guild Scholarship, and received a Juror’s Choice award from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Currently, she is continuing her education within the ceramics department at ASU as a post-baccalaureate student and is working at Lafayette Avenue Ceramics as a production manager.