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1993 Milan, Italy

18 Works exhibited

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Giorgio Brina (1993, Milan) and Simone Novara (1994, Milan) founded bn+BRINANOVARA in September 2017 after a few years of collaboration. The reasons for this unusual choice are revealed starting from the +. The more it declares first of all an attitude of continuous and transdisciplinary research, whose expansion is favored by the various previous formations (sculpture, on the one hand, and painting more architecture, on the other) and realized in constant renewal for interactions and collaborations.

The research (as well as the derived formal solutions) proves more fascinating of personal affirmation and work brought to the extreme conditions of freedom becomes authorial. Secondly, he hopes for such a relationship with the viewer to transform it into participant, through the creation of an imaginary that triggers experience and memory. The interest of both (b and n) is unquestionable for a problem that is articulated around the question "how many places can an image live?" and for an approach to the solution. A place is a portion of encoded space-time, an envelope within which it passes information and images. The attention of the research of bn + is to be placed in the process of transit. It is not a question of re-signifying the images, governed by an apparent power cultural, but to re-invent the place, to create territories where the image epiphany can happen. It is a question of provoking, in an ironic and empathic key, the setting of culture to re-perceive things; alone and in the possible relationships that make them trigger for the activation of new images.

Not surprisingly, towards the works, it is often activated an experience of reinterpretation and attractive distortion, which is of the canon man with rigid cushions, of the addiction of taste with inedible candies, of the noble and violent sanctity of hunting with necks of trophies of farm animals or mutation of the concept of god with totems dedicated to the polar bear. Thus the interest in the relationship between the identity of an image and nature and is oriented movements of an imaginary that meets it.



DREAMT UNCANNY VALLEY; Adiacenze; Bologna (IT)

Thunder Boogie, CRAG Grallery, Turin, Italy
Animal Farm, Galleria Monopoli, Milan, Italy

Gusti assortiti in proporzione variabile, Supergiovane, Milan, Turin
Short film for Notti Trasfigurate, Villa Simonetta, Milan, Italy
Short film + installation of Just an Oyster Without the Pearl at Brera Academy, Milan, Italy




HOLOMOVEMENT, Dimora Artica, Milan (IT)


AMNESIA, Premio Lissone Design 2019, MAC – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea; Lissone (IT)

Tuttifrutti, Supergiovane, Stecca 3.0, Milan, Italy

Contexto, 4th edition, with Casa Testori, Edolo, Brescia, Italy

No Name, Marco Genzini’s collection, Morsasco castle, Alessandria, Italy




Premio Lissone Design 2019

Find your own void for Montenegro pavilion, XVI Venice Biennale of Architecture

Atlas Project, Iceland, for MEAD scholarship

Works by bn+ BRINANOVARA

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