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Bitch Boris Nikolajevitch

United States

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Works by Bitch Boris Nikolajevitch

Composition No. 7


Paintings , Oil , Wood

64 x 81.5 x 2cm

4900,00 €

He studied at the art studio of D. G. Sobolev. Since 1975 he participated in informal exhibitions. In 1977 he joined painting section at the City Committee of graphic artists at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28. Since 1982 - one of the group "21" leaders, group "20" exhibitions participant.

Creative work

He created a paintings series from several series: 1977 - compositions GEO (geometric unity), 1979 - compositions GEOKON (geometric constructions), 1982 - compositions GEOMED (geometric mediums), 1986 - compositions GEOEX (geometric expressionism) and Pangeometric constants, 1988 - GEMGER (geometric hermeneutics). A new large works series of recent years "Dialogues with Malevich" is a suprematist composition that made on geographical maps of various world regions. The author's works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in private collections in Russia, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Participation in exhibitions

1979 "Color, shape, space" City Committee of graphic. Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya

1986 "Object" Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 1987 "Geometry in Art" in Moscow

1989 "Labyrinth" The Moscow Palace of Youth. Moscow, Warsaw, Hamburg

1990 Gallery Floor, Stockholm, Sweden 1990 "Other Art" State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow

1991 "The Art of Europe" Wilhelmshafen. Germany.

1992 "Moscow avant-garde of the 50-80's" Kleinsassen. Germany

1992 "Cultural contact" Neumarkt. Austria 1993 Art-Myth. Manege. Moscow

1993 "Culture and Politics in Russia" Gallery Zandman. Hamburg. Germany

1994 "”No” to conformism" Russian Museum. Russia, St. Petersburg

1995 Exhibition of unofficial Russian artists. The Halle Museum. Germany

1995 "Exhibition of six Moscow artists" CHA. Moscow

1997,1998 Art-Manege. Moscow

1999 Exhibition. The museum of L.Talochkin. RSUH. Moscow

2000, 2004 "Pleskoye gravitation" Museum of the landscape. Russia. Ples

2000 "Dedication to Malevich" New gallery. Moscow 2000-2001 "Russian art" Japanese house. Moscow

2001 "Abstraction of the XX century" The State Russian Museum. Russia. St. Petersburg

2002 "Russian avant-garde" Russian house. Germany. Berlin 2003 "Abstraction. The second half of the 20th century "The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow

2004 Exhibition. Modern Art Museum. USA. New York

2006 "The time of change" The State Russian Museum. Russia. S.Peterburg

2007 "Geokon and pears" Zverev Center. Moscow

2015 Exhibition. Gallery of Modern Artstory


Personal exhibitions

1995 Personal exhibition "Constanta" gallery "Moscow Fine Art" Moscow

1996 Anniversary personal exhibition "Artist and Time" CHA. Moscow

2009 "Dialogue with Malevich" Personal exhibition. Mars Gallery Moscow



Gold medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation - for contribution to the national culture.