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Benjamin Blaquart

1981 France

2 Works exhibited

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"Speculating from our world, this is what the stories of SF (eco) feminist do, reconnecting us to our experiences, our desires, our values, our needs, our imaginations, responding in this way to the «questioning situation par excellence «today is» the very possibility of a future" - Emilie Hache

"Ecosystem autonomous, metasexual form, exocentrism: Benjamin Blaquart combines the materials and technologies of engineering and organic to hybride the human, the plant, the machine, the real and the virtual.Hiswholeapproachisan invitation to transform (or hack, he would say) the assumptions about identity, technology, the living and the inanimate.

Fueled by speculative fictions and theories ranging from Paul B. Preciado to Samuel R. Delany, BB’s installations create areas of interaction between living and technological materials, they are traversed by tubes reminiscent of arterial networks, in which the fluids irrigating this hybrid set. In the thorny lair of its ecosystems, «This space between you and me» and «Us and Them», whereeachelementjustifiesitspresence according to its utility to the other, BB generates possible empathic relationships, the work appearing in this respect symptomatic of the role that the human being chooses to occupy with this fragile mechanics: if he wishes to ensure the survival of the latter, he will have to take care of it; if he abandons it, the system will inevitably die.

In B.B the speculative theories are positive in that they envisage the future not in a regression, but in an alternative and critical dynamic of capitalistfascinationforperpetual access to expansion and the new. It is no longer a question of taking a step back, but a step aside:toimaginecollectivelythe terms of a withdrawal from the race without departing from what human intelligence can provide as an emancipatory solution of the grip of a society locked by the economic stakes"

- Pedro Morais

Solo shows:

2018 Bouture, Le Petit Versailles NYC 2017 Us and Them, le Doc Paris 2016 Parc St Leger, Hors les murs. Fr 2015 Well Being, N°13. Brussels.

2014 Mountains under the snow. B-Galley, La Centrale. Brussels. 2012 Secret garden, La Seine. Paris
2009 Les Maîtres du Mystère with Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Galerie Espace à Vendre. Nice. France


Recent selected group shows:

2017 La perpetuité du chiffre deux, Nantes

2017 Institut d’esthétique ,Palais de Tokyo Paris
2016 Station 10 IAC Villeurbanne. Fr
2016 Mercury Theatre. Instagram show. UK
2015 Triangle France..., La Friche La Belle de Mai. Marseille. 2015 Okay Confiance, Atelier Lorette. Marseille

Works by Benjamin Blaquart

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