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Audrey Devaud


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Audrey Devaud lives and works in Besançon after studying at ESAL (Épinal) and HEAR (Strasbourg).

She founded with Caroline Pageaud and Gwilherm Courbet the Atelier / Galerie Les2portes in Besançon where she continues her protean and multidisciplinary personal research.

"At home I have a very colorful papier-mâché parrot mounted on a small brass swing. The colors are garish and he has suffered well over the years, his presence by my side cannot be dated, yet I cannot part with him. There are things like that that own us without us really knowing why. They have a symbolic significance, a part of our story that we do not know how to tell and which makes them indispensable". It is this fetishist relationship that Audrey Devaud seeks to induce in her work.She needs her pieces to have a personal story that makes their appropriation possible, by the artist first, since it is an ego-centered approach, then by others since it is necessary to undo. things to share. Audrey Devaud therefore calls in most of her research to the notion of sensitivity, whether in the subject, in the materials, the manipulation or the perception.

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